Sunday, 7 October 2012

Contemplation 2

What follows is a short and by no means definitive contemplation on another of the ‘note cards’ that have appeared in my life of late. For a little more on these cards click here. For instructions on how to engage the practice of contemplation yourself, click here. I hope you enjoy.  


Sing to the mountain
“Thank you”
The world echoes

We are joined in love. What we consider ‘self’, what we think of as ‘other’ - these are connected through love, appreciation, tenderness, gratitude. This is always the case, though we often are not offered glimpses of this fact until we make the first move.

Strange that we must move for this basic truth to become apparent, but this is how things are. The moment we begin our song to the mountain, something happens. There is a sense of the world stirring, moving, offering back. There is a sense of the world becoming alive, awake, responsive, sentient. When the poet Rumi sings, again and again, of world as Beloved, he is sharing awareness that blossoms only because he first is able to open just a little himself, is able to feel the first tentative spark of love light in his own heart. 

I remember Reggie once saying, “All we need do is take that first step.” Was he speaking of this relatedness? Perhaps not specifically, but more generally I suspect so. We take that step and something is set in motion, the world begins to unfold. Again, the world is always unfolding, but when we deliberately make that move, we become conscious participants in Creation’s dance - and this makes all the difference. 

We are joined in love, appreciation, tenderness, gratitude. These, necessarily, flow in both directions. Who, then, is saying “Thank you” in this verse? Is this the song we sing to the mountain? Are these the words the world echoes back? The answer to each of these questions is ‘Yes’. We both say these things because we are joined by them. There can be no other way.